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First aid and emergency medical care are free for foreigners, in other cases you have to pay for the treatment. A full coverage general health insurance for Hungary is a prerequisite for registration at any faculty of the University of Pécs.

Health Services at the University of Pécs


Quote from the interview with Antal Tibold, the head physician in chief of the Centre for Occupational Medicine and dr. Ildikó Radványi, family medical doctor:


Antal Tibold: Students coming from the European Union have a so-called EU card. From this it is believed that it entitles for the same benefits that can be accessed in the home country as an insured person. However, this is not entirely the case. The EU card only covers the 'medically necessary' services (eg .: dialysis treatment, oxygen therapy), but does not authorize for the use of deferred care. The student then has three options: he/she can either go to the relevant health insurance fund and make an agreement, there will be a temporary legal status and the student gets a Social Security Card, may inquire additional insurance options or doesn’t choose any of these and - if in need - pays for care in accordance to the reimbursement policy of the Clinical Centre.


Ildikó Radványi: With the additional insurance the English and German Student Service Centers can assist the students. They provide information about the options and the contract can be also signed there. If someone gets this insurance, then this person will be eligible to other services of the entire clinic, as detailed in the contract. The contract details what services can be used - implant of dentures or a prosthesis are for example excluded. The amount of the insurance is currently 50-60 000 HUF on an annual level. However, if a foreign student doesn’t have an insurance, he or she has to pay for the service. For example, examination fee costs 2500 HUF, although detailed information on the prices of the other services can be found on the Clinical Centres website and on the billboards in the clinic. The patient receives a bill of the amount paid, this money is a revenue for the University.

EU citizens are insured on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card when they are in another member state and are, from the point of view of social security, entitled to the same rights and have the same obligations as citizens of that given member state. Although EU-students may be able to use their insurances in Hungary, a private medical insurance is recommended to international students. Click on the following link to get to know more information about the private insurance: Health Insurance


Health Services at the University of Pécs


The General Practitioner (GP) Service provided by the Centre for Occupational Health and Hygiene of the University of Pécs Clinical Centre offers primary care for the students of the university.

The place of consultation: Pécs, Nyár u. 8.

Opening hours:

Monday: 8:30 – 11:30 and 12:30 – 15:00
Tuesday - Wednesday: 8:30 – 15:00
Thursday: 8:00 – 15:00
Friday: 8:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 14:00

Should you have any questions, problems or would like to make an appointment please contact our English speaking contact on +36 72/507 520. (available btw. 11-12 a.m./16-17 p.m.)


Please make an appointment:
Tel.: +36 72/507 520 (available btw. 11-12 a.m./16-17 p.m.),,


The treatment of foreign students is as follows:

  • if the student is insured by one of the insurance companies the university has a contract with (Generali Providencia) all expenses are covered by the insurance company
  • if the student is insured by any other insurance companies not in contract with the university, the student needs to pay for the treatment on the spot according to the operative Code of Charges and Benefits of he UP. The student receives an ambulant card and a receipt/invoice and can get reimbursement from his/her own insurance company
  • if the student is not insured he/she needs to pay for the treatment on the spot according to the operative Code of Charges and Benefits of he UP. The student receives an ambulant card and a receipt/invoice. If any further examinations are required, or specialist treatment is needed those are accessible through primary care.



In case of emergency (or outside the GP opening hours) you can go to:

Internal medicine:

Emergency Department / 'Klinikai Központ Sürgősségi Orvostani Tanszék'
Janus Pannonius Clinical Block (former 400-bed clinic)
Address: Pécs, Ifjúság útja 13.



The 'Honvéd' Hospital / 'Honvéd Kórház'
Address: Pécs, Akác utca 1.
Firs, however, please call the following number to confirm which hospital to visit: +36 72 536-000 /33742

Pharmacies in Pécs and Szekszárd (gyógyszertár in Hungarian) are well supplied and can provide medicaments for most common ailments. The location of the nearest all-night chemist's is displayed on the door of every pharmacy.



General emergency service phone number: 112
Police: 107
Ambulance: 104
Fire service: 105
To call these numbers is free of charge.
24-hour English-language crime hotline: +36 1 438 8080
English language telephone directory service: 191
International operator: 199




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