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Culture and Entertainment

In 2010, Pécs was addressed to wear the prestigious title of the European Capital of Culture of the year. The cultural life still remained vibrant and diverse - in terms of both the university and city.

Students of the UP can immerse in a wide variety of art forms, perhaps much more in depth than just looking around. Music, theatre, dance... not only the basic theoretical knowledge is possible to acquire, but there is also an opportunity to try what it is to be a member of a university theatre, or as a dancer to stand in front of hundreds of college students and citizens, or even to discuss how to establish a band with the prominent personalities of the national popular music scene. The fascinating history of the University culture can be viewed as well, as the institution also has its own museum, which offers an interactive exhibition for those interested.

An annual local cultural highlight: the Pécs City Carnival / Photo: Szabolcs Csortos

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